Who are we

Lene Crone Nielsen

University chaplain at SDU

I was born in 1969 and I have been employed as a student pastor at SDU since 1 February 2017. As a student pastor, I am employed by the Danish People’s Church as pastor for the students at SDU, where my most important role is to be available for confidential conversations.

My first job as a priest was as a Seamen’s chaplain in London, where I lived and worked from 2001-2003. After that, I have been a parish priest in various churches on Funen and in Odense for several years.

As a pastor, I am used to talking to people in many different life situations, both when life does good and when it hurts, and this is the experience I draw on in my work as a caregiver.

I have a lot of experience with conversations, and as part of my work I also offer grief groups at SDU for students who have lost.

Thomas Hårbøl

University chaplain at UCL

I was born in 1986, raised in Nyborg and educated at the University of Copenhagen. Since July 2021 I have been employed as a student chaplain at UCL in Odense. I am employed by the folk church as a student pastor because the folk church wants to be present where its members are and where there is a need for the church. The student chaplain’s most important task is to offer confidential conversations with students about matters big and small (spiritual care); the talks can take place at UCL (Niels Bohrs Allé or Seebladsgade) or in my office at Ansgars Kirke. I am also available to UCL’s employees when, for example, a theologian/pastor is needed in connection with teaching or project courses.

The work as a student chaplain constitutes half of my position; the other half is as a parish priest in Ansgars Church in Odense, where I have been since November 2018. I have been pastor since 2014. Before I came to Odense, I worked in temporary positions in various churches around the Diocese of Fyens and for half a year in Ribe Diocese. The offer of personal interviews for UCL’s students is therefore based on the experiences that I have as a pastor from the many corners of Danish society, where I have worked as a pastor, in the countryside and in the city.